Open Letter to PayPal to STOP supporting HSUS

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Letter to PayPal

August 18, 2018


#StopHSUS, @PayPal, @PayPalUSA, @AskPayPal


PayPal Corporate Headquarters

Dan Schulman

President and CEO, PayPal

2211 North First Street

San Jose, California 95131


Dear Mr. Schulman:


RE: STOP support of HSUS

I saw PayPal’s fundraising campaign started on behalf of HSUS hosted on Facebook to match donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000. I am DISGUSTED! People whose lives revolve around animals are targeted everyday by HSUS. Most animal people who speak out are saying they are closing their PayPal accounts because of this HSUS fundraising campaign. I am hoping you will abandon the side of animal rights and domestic animal abolitionists to come over to the side of animal welfare and animal involvement.

Every person who has any involvement with animals is a potential victim of this heinous scam of a corporation. It sickens many people that HSUS swindles so many people out of money at the EXPENSE of humane societies and animal shelters. It is even more sickening when a large corporation, like PayPal, dives in to the melee of confusion and supports the very organization that does the most harm to animal owners, animal breeders, food producers, and exotic animal protectors. The three largest animal rights organizations in order of millions of dollars received per year and the harm they cause are HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the serious mistake you have made and to bring to your attention harm caused by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) against people whose lives are involved with animals.

Your support of HSUS is appalling!!! As a long-time user and proponent of PayPal, I am offended.

Please end your support of HSUS.

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention harm caused by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) against people whose lives are involved with animals.

HSUS does NOT help animals or animal owners. HSUS does not support local humane societies and less than 1% of HSUS revenue helps humane societies. HSUS is the world’s largest animal rights corporation and invests most of its revenue on marketing, lobbying, and salaries.

HSUS does not help animal owners; HSUS destroys animal owners.

HSUS rakes in over $120 million per year fighting to undermine human interaction with animals with its efforts of fighting against animal ownership, protection of animals, animal husbandry practices and livestock management, hunting, wildlife animal management, and efforts to preserve endangered species of animals, among so much other antagonism against those whose lives are centered on animals.

The actions of HSUS contradict their stated intentions with their donations. What follows are what HSUS says it does with donations as headings and what HSUS really does with donations in narratives supported by references.

Support pet adoption and spay/neuter initiatives

HSUS supports animal seizures under cover of law to sell animals as “rescue adoptions” without compensation to the owners of those animals. Some of this is described in headings that follow. HSUS supports forced sterilization on owned animals under the myth that owners are incapable of controlling their own animals and causing “pet overpopulation,” yet another animal rights myth.

Stopping puppy mills and addressing pet overpopulation

HSUS supports banning of intentional breeding of animals to further its agenda of reduction of owned animals and fosters the myth that all animal breeding is wrong while regurgitating the over-expressed myth that there is animal overpopulation. According to data used by HSUS, of all dogs in the U.S. that die each year, less than 2% will die in an animal shelter.

Pushing for stronger laws against animal cruelty, neglect and fighting

Much of HSUS revenue is used to lobby for laws that target common and rational human interaction with animals. The laws are described as targeting “animal cruelty, neglect, and fighting,” yet the result is maximum regulation on animal ownership with little, if any, data to justify the broad regulations endorsed by HSUS. HSUS lobbying efforts often come under scrutiny.

Ending the use of animals in cosmetics testing and promoting humane alternatives

“Promoting humane alternatives” for cosmetics is marketing for HSUS to receive donations for an allusion of work that will have no impact on anything. The FDA does not require animal testing for cosmetics and many U.S. companies no longer test on animals, however, some countries, like China, require animal testing. Some products rely on animal testing that happened decades ago and animal rights organizations, like HSUS, will use the sensationalism of previous testing in its advertising for donations. HSUS asks for donations to help its lobbying efforts to restrict animal testing for cosmetics in the United States where animal testing is generally not used.

Rescuing animals from both natural disasters and man-made cruelty situations

HSUS does not rescue animals from natural disasters; it profits from natural disasters. HSUS takes many displaced animals from disaster zones and deposits those animals at shelters where their owners might never find them, all the while begging for donations that will never help animal owners during these times of crisis.

HSUS also works to move shelter animals across the country and uses the numbers of animals it moves to artificially the numbers of animals in shelters. What HSUS describes as “man-made cruelty situations” have all been cases of animal owners falling on hard times or in to situations where they cannot care for their animals as they had before those situations occurred. These animals owners need support to help them keep their animals and the do not deserve the vilification they receive from HSUS. Supporting HSUS in cases like these is cruelty to people.

Further, HSUS involvement violates the rights of animal owners who may be guilty of crimes, thereby preventing law enforcement from stopping animal cruelty.

Ending wildlife abuse and helping people coexist with their wild neighbors

HSUS considers hunting and sustainable wildlife management “abuse.” Since the early colonies of America, people have hunted for food and sport. Wildlife populations became decimated as a result. Around 1900, many organizations with largest being the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began to address the role of hunters in maintaining sustainable wildlife. Hunting seasons, licenses, and regulations soon followed. Many species of animals that were facing extinctions have recovered and become plentiful in this country. This is the work that HSUS opposes.

What HSUS does not say

HSUS fails to state its many campaigns that undermine the normal, healthy interaction people have had with animals that began with and marked the start of civilization.

HSUS has many campaigns against farming and food.

HSUS has long been an opponent of animals as food and has long propagated lies of how livestock is raised. HSUS recommendations for livestock management violate animal welfare ethics and contradict normally-accepted healthy animal husbandry practices.

HSUS campaigns against wildlife preservation

HSUS does not state its hostile efforts to end performance animals and the endangered wild animal protections funded by performance animals.

HSUS has worked to destroy circuses and zoos that have saved many exotic animals from extinction. There are about 3,000 tigers in the wild and twice as many in captivity. The only way tigers can withstand extinction is through captivity. Elephants have become endangered and HSUS lobbied to stop circuses from helping elephants in the wild. Every major organization that uses performing animals provides funding for wild animal preservation and HSUS opposes these efforts.

HSUS opposes healthy animal breeding by opposing AKC.

The AKC is the largest registry of kennel clubs in the United States and is recognized by international registries as the controlling registry for this country. AKC supports healthy and sound breeding of dogs to ensure dog strength, health, utility, and long life. HSUS opposes breeding of dogs under the overused myth and epithet, “puppy mills.”

The AKC has done work to protect animals and their owners through legislation, while HSUS fights AKC and their efforts.

HSUS is an unscrupulous charity.

Charity Navigator downgraded its rating for HSUS and now gives a low 2 out of 4 star rating, with its lowest available rating of 1 star for its financial handling.

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) rescinded its 2016 recommendation of the Humane Society Of The United States’ Farm Animal Protection Campaign. ACE said, “multiple investigations of varying depth have already been conducted and numerous allegations are now public. We’ve already seen evidence that these issues have interfered with HSUS’ work, probably for at least several years.”

“The Humane Society of the United States is facing pushback from several charity oversight groups.”

BBB removed its accreditation for HSUS and put its status as under review.

“HSUS raises enough money to finance animal shelters in every single state, with money to spare, yet it doesn’t operate a single one anywhere. Instead, HSUS spends millions on programs that seek to economically cripple meat and dairy producers; eliminate the use of animals in biomedical research labs; phase out pet breeding, zoos, and circus animal acts; and demonize hunters as crazed lunatics. HSUS spends more than $4 million each year on travel expenses alone, just keeping its multi-national agenda going.”

HSUS is rife with embezzlement and mismanagement of funds.

Thank you for kind attention to animals and please show the same kind attention to those who love them by not supporting HSUS. To help animals, know that local animal shelters deserve support and they do not receive support from animal rights corporations, like HSUS, ASPCA, and PeTA whose actions divert money that could save animal lives in local animal shelters.

So, PLEASE, like so many others have done, discontinue your support of HSUS. HSUS is terrible for animals and terrible for the people who live for them.



Lauren Tariel